Thursday, March 24, 2011

OddGirl Creates

I contacted Lucie of OddGirl Creates on Etsy about doing a trade.  I had been eyeing her earrings for a while and thought I would just go for it and ask if she'd like to trade.  She responded quickly that she would love to!

I chose these 3 items:

-Pink & black skull earrings
-Black & white star earrings
-Green gingham heart earrings

She chose my Stars purse from  :D

I received my earrings in about a week or less, which amazed me, considering that Lucie is all the way in Scotland!  She uses surgical steel posts, which is great for me because my ears hate everything.  I have not had a problem with irritation since I put them in.

My favorite part, other than the sheer cuteness factor, is that the earrings don't match!  It's not two pink skulls, it's a pink one and a black one.  I LOVE that.  You really don't see that a lot.

Close-up of how they look in! 

I am super happy with my trade and I'm so glad Lucie agreed to it!  I definitely want to buy more from her shop.  I highly recommend it to you too!

Check out OddGirl Creates on Etsy here:

And her Facebook page here: