Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Attack of The Craft - A Discussion Forum for Crafters, DiY Artisans, and Lovers of Handmade!

One of my favorite places to frequent online is a forum called Attack of the Craft.  I refer to it as "the forum" because there really is no other that I care so much about.  Attack of the Craft is a super fun place that's full of great tips and information on crafting, selling, and just life in general.  There's never a dull moment at AOTC, so if you like fun and crazy people, as well as art, crafts, and mischief, come join the fun!  You won't be sorry.

Even if you're not a crafter yourself, you're sure to find something you like.  Everyone on the forum has tremendous talent that deserves at least a look!  Check out some of the items I've purchased from team members:

Cassette Tape magnets by LittleMommaErin:

Custom pinback buttons by Get Your Buttons:

Alice in Wonderland purse by Warning Label: 



  1. Attack of the Craft is my favorite place to hang out!! I love your Warning Label bag - I'm waiting on my second one to get here :)

  2. Thank you both! I love my stuff. :) Can't get it anywhere else. :)

  3. <3 Heart AOTC!! Loving the warning label bag, totally gorgeous!